Kaaenaat is led a team of experienced professionals with decades of experience in building & selling technology products


Akbar Ladak - Founder & CEO

An inventor and business creator Akbar is equally at ease creating new tech or making a sales pitch. Way before they got cool, Akbar was creating award winning & sales generating solutions around Computer Vision & Machine Learning.

Kaaenaat, is his latest venture and has been formed to build autonomous tech for the crazy cities of emerging economies in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Akbar has a M.S. from Georgia Tech and he's had stints at Honeywell & Wipro prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.


Madhura Chikhalikar - Co-founder & Director (Finance)

Madhura is an experienced financial hand with experience working for customers in APAC, Middle-East, Africa & India.

Madhura is a Co-Founder at Kaaenaat, advises on legal & financial matters and helps connect us to investors, advisors and mentors in her network.

Madhura has MBA, CPA & CFA under her belt and has has been in Leadership Positions at Marico, Cadbury, Vodafone & PepsiCo.


Anand CU - Engineer, ML & Computer Vision

Anand works on Machine Learning and Computer Vision at Kaaenaat and a number of LiDAR & Image Processing projects under his belt.


Joy Prabhakaran - Advisor & MEMBER of the Board

Joy has over 20 years of experience in technology as an entrepreneur, and successful stints at Honeywell, Celstream & Yahoo. Joy and Akbar have worked together at Celstream and Wipro. Joy is an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bangalore.



Chris Priebe - Advisor (Product, IP & Marketing)

Chris is a marketing & technology maven. An MBA & JD, he has been an entrepreneur and has worked for Apple and, more recently, at Wipro in their strategic marketing team. Chris advises Kaaenaat on Product Development, Marketing & Intellectual Property Strategy. . 



Guruprasad Krishnamurthy - Investor & Advisor

Prasad is an early investor in Kaaenaat and has provided great advice on engineering management & team building.

With over 25 years experience in product development, building & mentoring engineering teams, he's a veteran of organizations like Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Nokia, Hughes, Amazon & OnMobile


Dr. Anurag Srivastava - Mentor

Dr. Srivastava has been the CTO & Sr. Vice President at Wipro Technologies & is currently Chief Operating Officer, SID at Indian Institute of Science.

Dr. Srivastava advises on technology & product development.